Verve Restaurant and Cider House hosts a collection of ciders from around the world. With a collection of over 60 ciders and keen cider enthusiasts for staff we offer the best cider experience in Australia.

Drinks List

Harcourts Ciders

Introducing Cider No. 65 & 66 – Harcourts Apple and Harcourts Pear

Harcourts Cider now available at Verve Restaurant and Cider House

From the maker of Henry of Harcourts cider, Drew Henry, and the maker of Bress Cider, Adam Marks, come these limited release ciders from the Harcourt Valley in Victoria.

Harcourts Cider believe in the gentle treatment of the fruits to ensure the quality and taste are perfect.    The fruit is milled and then gently basket pressed.
The apples are then fermented in old oak and stainless steel tanks using indigenous yeast strains.
The pear is fermented with Champagne yeast in stainless steel tanks.

Both ciders offer arrays of freshly cut respective fruits with hints of other green skinned fruits.   The palates are both complex and refreshing.

This is a great one to try for both the beginner and the serious cider enthusiasts.

Cider No. 64 – Escanciador ES

Introducing Cider no. 64 – Escanciador ES

Made just outside Villaviciosa, Asturias, Spain this cider maker has a long history in the Verve Restaurant and Cider House now stocking Escanciador ESregion dating back to the beginning of the 20th Century.
Escanciador is the spanish name for people that pour ciders in the Escanciar method.    Thos unique method, traditional in the Asturias region involves lifting the bottle above your head and pouring it into a glass held below the waist.   This allows air to be added to the cider and bubbles created.    While most people trying this would make a big mess, these professionals can perform the task with near to no spilling.   To make it even harder, the Enscanciador looks straight ahead while pouring, not looking at the glass or bottle.

This sidra, pours a pale yellow, has an appley nose and underlying woody notes.
The palate is sweet to medium balanced with the wooded notes and honey.

The perfect example of a Spanish cider.

Cider No. 63 – Cidre Breton

Introducing Cider no. 63 – Cidre Breton Brut Traditionnel

Cidre Breton from France available at Verve Brisbane

Made from cider apples sourced only in the Brittany region of France, this cider has a nice soft, but full rustic flavour, with some subtle spicy notes.
Lightly filtered Cidre Breton offers a golden colour and a complex nose.

This cider would pair excellently with Pork, Fish or Crepes as is traditional in this region.

Cider No. 62 – St. Arnou Premium Apple

St. Arnou Premium AppleIntroducing Cider No. 62 – St. Arnou Premium Apple.

Named after the Patron Saint of Brewing, Arnold of Metz, St. Arnou is a relatively new brewing company, only established in 2001.   In their short life, they have created a strong following and won multiple awards for their range of beers.

Recently they have breached into the cider market with another fantastic drop.
St. Arnou Premium Cider is a well balanced, medium sweet cider with a crisp finish.

See you soon @ Verve

Cider 61 – Napoleone Apple with Pear

Napoleone Apple with Pear Cider at Verve Restaurant and Cider House Brisbane

Cider no. 61 – Napoleone Apple with Pear.

From Punt Road Wines in Victoria,
comes their third installation of cider.

A medium sweet palate and champagne feel.

See you soon @ Verve